Oct 5th. Film Plan

6. Have you investigated a specific environment, to sub-culture, clothing, phrase or way of life characters. Describe it.

The topics I want to do reaserch;

  1. Love between the same gender ?
  2. In a relationship  of three people, how much love you have, and how much love you can share?
  3. In this modern age with a wider understanding of gender some people choose to re-state those as:
    • Homosexual- “attracted to people of a broadly similar gender”
    • Heterosexual – “attracted to people of a broadly different gender”

    In traditional dictionaries:

    • Homosexual is defined as “only attracted to the same sex”
    • Heterosexual is defined as “only attracted to the opposite sex”

7. Have you researched techniques you use in your movie to a particular film style or color, or timing or technique. Describe it.

I want to use Match Cut, I never use this techinique before, but I think it’s a nice idea to connect three different stories.

8. If that is not enough in previous answers emerged: who did you talk to and what insights have you been planning for your film?

(Next step is to write a movie plan in which your final choices, the final shape and structure emerge and fiction: a vision scenario & direction)


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